D'Ambra Murphy Lawyers

D'Ambra Murphy Lawyers is a leading Australian migration law firm offering professional, ethical and up-to-date advice about Australian immigration law. Our firm is a partnership of two solicitors; Mr Kerry Murphy and Ms Lisa D'Ambra and we are both registered migration agents. We are also accredited as Immigration Specialists by the Law Society of New South Wales and started our firm in January 2006 after 13 years (Kerry) and 12 years (Lisa) working as employed solicitors in the migration area. We are married to each other and we know each others cases as we discuss our work with each other a lot of the time! This is a small firm and it will stay that way. Our clientele is diverse including individuals and companies and comes from a range of different ethnic communities. This firm does not advertise and the reason for this website was to stop people asking us why we do not have a web site. We do not and have never accepted commissions nor referral fees. All our work comes to us by word-of-mouth. We charge $300.00 for a first consultation up to 60 minutes including any reading time. Consultations are face-to-face at our office, or by phone if interstate or overseas. We also provide written advice by email similar to online visa assessments offered by other businesses for the same cost.

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